Brookfield House and The Pudding Lady Cookies Collaboration

Sweet Delights:

Brookfield House Tea and Pudding Lady Parings

Brookfield House Tea and Pudding Lady Parings

We are undoubtedly facing challenging times, and sometimes all you can do is have a greater appreciation for life’s many small moments.

Right now, we think there’s something to be said about taking the time to enjoy the little things in life; like a warm cup of tea and a delicious cookie.

We have partnered with one of our favourite Australian gourmet foods companies – The Pudding Lady, to share our most craved tea and cookie pairings.

We hope the below suggestions help make your morning, afternoon or after-dinner tea treat a little more blissful!


Cookie Pairing: Traditional Pudding Infused Cookies


  • Your favourite festive traditional pudding has been reimagined in these delicious, golden baked cookies
  • Our French Garden Earl Grey has citrus derived bergamot which enhances the medley of rich, vine ripened fruits (sultanas, raisins, currants and dates), and candied orange peel in these scrumptious cookies
  • The delicious mix of spices that have been infused in the Traditional Pudding Cookies pairs beautifully with the delicate floral flavours in this tea
  • Our Fairy Dust Black Tea is another option for these delightful treats. It has no bitterness, and is just as nice with or without milk. The subtle maple syrup and nutty flavours in the tea are wonderfully balanced in-between bites of this melt-in-your-mouth biscuit

Enjoy this pairing as:

  • A morning or afternoon pick-me up
  • Since our tea may help aid digestion, it’s the perfect companion for these cookies
Black Tea and Traditional Pudding infused cookies

Cookie Pairing: Decadent Chocolate Pudding Infused Cookies


  • Just when you thought chocolate pudding couldn’t get any better – it’s available in a delicious, baked cookie form!
  • Our Pink Lychee White Tea is so light and beautiful. The subtle flavours complement the deliciously decadent real dark chocolate pieces, dates and vine ripened fruits infused inside the Chocolate Pudding Cookies
  • The notes of lychee, vanilla and rose petals in the tea add a little something extra in between each pleasing bite of these very special biscuits (that are a Goldilocks level of perfect sweetness)!
Pink Lychee Tea and Decadent Chocolate Pudding Infused Cookies

Cookie Pairing: Classic Sticky Date Pudding Infused Cookies


  • The classic, English-favourite dessert of Sticky Date Pudding has been captured in cookie form for your enjoyment!
  • They have been baked to perfection, with each bite of these shortbread-like cookies made even better by the natural sweetness of our specialty Midnight Jasmine Pearls green tea
  • We also love a cup of our Vanilla Chamomile tea with these cookies. The cultivated honey and premium dates in the Sticky Date Pudding Infused Cookies taste even better with the yummy flavours of vanilla and fennel in the tea
  • A word of friendly advice from us – one cookie will never be enough! Like us, you’ll no doubt be left wanting another cookie, and cuppa, and why not?

Enjoy this pairing as:

  • A relaxing break in the day, or in the evening after dinner as a treat a few hours before bed to help digestion and promote a peaceful sleep (thanks to the chamomile)
Vanilla Chamomile Tea with Sticky Date Pudding infused Cookies

More Cookie & Tea Information:

  • Each packet of cookies contains 14 perfectly sized biscuits; created to be consumed in one bite, or slowly savoured over several blissful bites
  • They are thoughtfully baked with the finest quality speciality ingredients, and Australian butter, sugar, and finely milled flour.

To shop the Pudding Lady Cookie range, click here!

  • The cookies come in a beautiful, vibrant pink package (our favourite colour!), and we love to keep at least one on hand as an “anytime treat”, or for visitors at tea-time. They also make thoughtful (and extremely tasty) gifts for any occasion
  • Our Teas: enriched with ingredients that may help give your health a little boost too. They are made in Australia from a range of high quality, carefully selected native and exotic imported ingredients. Explore the teas here.

We hope you enjoy these cookies with a warm, refreshing and relaxing cup of tea as much as we do!

Brookfield House Tea and The Pudding Lady Parings

All information from Brookfield House should not be mistaken as medical advice. Although there are benefits to consuming tea, we do not guarantee any specific result. Tea is a natural food, not a medicine, and individual experiences and results from drinking it will vary.

Please conduct your own research and take your circumstances into account prior to consumption; including, but not limited to allergies, sensitivities, and health conditions. Please consult a qualified medical practitioner (Doctor) if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have an existing health concern/s before drinking our teas.

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