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Keep Focused


There’s no debating that in this day and age we juggle (and juggling is NOT easy!) many demands, which can make it hard to keep focused at times.

Allocating some time to the self-care your mind and body needs (and deserves) comes in a range of forms, be that yoga or meditation, listening to music, or indulging in a relaxing massage or soak in the bath.

We’re also firm believers that taking time to enjoy a cup of warm tea (with beneficial ingredients) can help bring some calm allow you to better focus.

That’s why Brookfield House has crafted a bespoke Keep Focused Tea loose leaf tea blend with ingredients specially selected for their benefits to your health and focus.  The added bonus is a delicious cup of tea 😊

Learn more about each below:


It already sounds quintessentially Australian with ‘Mate’, however the pronunciation is actually ‘mat-ay’. The leaves of the yerba mate plant are packed full of antioxidants and nutrients (more than green tea),and contain seven of the nine essential body amino acids to help give your health a little boost.

What’s more, yerba mate is considered to be helpful in relieving mental and physical fatigue by improving signalling molecules in your brain, which may help you stay more focused.


This plant extract has a pleasing citrus aroma and a long history of being used in treating common ailments in traditional medicine. It could help to relieve your tension or stress by calming the nervous system and helping with muscle aches. It’s also anti-inflammatory and may aid in helping to control appetite (aka maintaining a healthy weight).


Think of these little seeds as a best friend to your digestive system – and they know how to get things moving in the bowel department too!  They may also help in reducing bad cholesterol, and may help in improving your metabolism.

Small as they are, they are rich in zinc, iron and other essential healthy minerals and vitamins that are excellent for skin and hair. Keeping in line with maintaining focus, studies have shown they might help reduce anxiety, may improve memory and protecting against brain ailments associated with inflammation.


Ginger might be the answer to helping you stop that common cold in its tracks. Eating it raw (a bit too spicy for us) or sippin’ on a warm cup of tea containing this aromatic root could help! The high levels of Vitamin C and other minerals could help boost your immunity against viruses. Ginger is also thought to be helpful for upset stomachs – especially acid reflux, digestion and unwelcome nausea.


This refreshing, slightly sweet, slight herbaceous addition to our tea is refreshing and healthy! It’s probably no surprise that it’s a great breath freshener when included in a brew, but did you know it may also help relieve tension headaches? If you suffer from congested sinuses, the menthol vapour released from a peppermint in the warmth of a cuppa may also help.


Liquorice root is known to be soothing if you have a sore throat. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties might also help with plaque build-up and other oral health. This inclusion in our Keep Focused Tea also has a reputation for being able to relieve constipation, which is great in tea form, but it can send you the other way (if you know what we mean!) if you’re eating it in larger quantities!


Our Keep Focused Tea is your answer to a great pick-me-up and general mood enhancer if you need a bit of focus that tastes as good as we hope you’ll feel. To try it for yourself and see if it’s helps lead towards a little healthier and happier you, find it here.

Made in Australia with  Love

May contain traces of allergens, such as

peanuts, tree nuts, milk, sesame seeds, soy, gluten, and sulphites.

Keep airtight, in a cool, dry, dark location out of direct sunlight.

All information from Brookfield House should not be mistaken as medical advice. Although there are benefits to consuming tea, we do not guarantee any specific result. Tea is a natural food, not a medicine, and individual experiences and results from drinking it will vary.

Please conduct your own research and take your circumstances into account prior to consumption; including, but not limited to allergies, sensitivities, and health conditions. Please consult a qualified medical practitioner (Doctor) if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have an existing health concern/s before drinking our teas.

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