1 Black Tea Care Package


3 x 50g tea, Brookfield House Strainer and Spoon. In a box with ribbon.

1 x 50g Purple Tea

Purple Tea is grown in Kenya – Black Tea

It is a new type of tea grown in Kenya, it has a beautiful colour, lower Caffeine than Green and Black Tea, with a lot of suggested health benefits, with the presence of flavonoid anthocyanin and antioxidants.

This is a very exciting tea and we love that we can offer it to you


1 x 50g Australian Premium Black Tea

This Tea has been made for the Australian Tastes

Processed in the Taiwanese Style

When brewed correctly, this teas won’t produce a bitter brew strong in tannin

Instead, you will find a complex mix of floral, aromatic & sweet notes.

It gorgeous Tea


1 x 50g Brookfield Breakfast – Premium

A Blend of Kenyan Milima, Kenilworth from Sri Lanka and Assam De Joo from India

The perfect cupper for in the morning, if you love a English breakfast then you will love this blend.

So smooth and delicious


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