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This is a beautiful tea designed for Men but loved by Women too.

Ingredients – Nettle, cinnamon chips, fennel, ginger, rosemary, peppermint, cardamom pods, liquorice root, sage, cloves, sarsaparilla, roasted dandelion root

How to steep – Place 1 teaspoon of tea (2g) into a cup  – steep at 100 °C for 5 minutes
Made in Australia – packed in a factory that handles tree nuts sulphates, gluten and milk


Here’s a little secret – our Brookfield Gentlemen Tea is loved as much by ladies as gentlemen!

Instead, it’s aptly named for its herbaceous and subtle spice notes and gentle, subtle aroma that isn’t too sweet or floral.

If you’re seeking something everyone will enjoy, this could be the answer. Below we delve deeper into each of the ingredients included in this loose-leaf blend. As there are so many, we’ve focused on the key benefits associated with each:


Nettle has been a staple in herbal medicine since ancient times as it contains essential nutrients, including Vitamins A, B, C and K, minerals and amino acids that can have positive antioxidant effects inside your body. It can also act as a gentle diuretic that helps the body process and flush away toxins.

Ancient Egyptians used nettle to help treat arthritis and lower back pain as it can act as an anti-inflammatory (that means it could also improve symptoms associated with hay fever sufferers)!

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Cinnamon chips don’t just make a tasty addition to our Brookfield Gentlemen Tea – they are also one of the spices richest in antioxidants, which could give your health a little boost! Studies have shown they may also help slow the breakdown of carbs in your gut, preventing blood sugar levels from spiking after meals (which could also help with your weight loss goals)!


Fennel has an unmistakable aroma and taste (often mistaken for liquorice) and has been used for centuries in tea for its antioxidative properties. It may also assist with digestion, stomach cramps and bloating by relaxing muscles – music to our ears!

If you’re having trouble getting to sleep, the relaxing of muscles really helps! It is also believed to be helpful for natural pain relief for some individuals as it works in a similar way to aspirin. Don’t have breath mints handy? Fennel is an antimicrobial agent, which means it can assist not just with a common cold, but also in freshening your breath!


When you feel the first signs of a common cold coming on, a few cups of tea containing this spicy aromatic root (aka ginger) could help! High levels of Vitamin C and other minerals may help boost immunity against viruses. Ginger is also thought to be helpful for upset stomachs – especially acid reflux, digestion and unwelcome nausea.


This refreshing, slightly sweet, slight herbaceous addition to our tea is refreshing and healthy! It’s probably no surprise that it’s a great breath freshener when included in a brew, but did you know it may also help relieve tension headaches? If you suffer from congested sinuses, the menthol vapour released from a peppermint in the warmth of a cuppa can also help.


This fragrant Mediterranean native herb (part of the mint family) has been linked to weight loss. It inhibits certain fat enzymes so you feel more full and less likely to reach for those extra snacks! Rosemary may also help manage stress and anxiety by elevating your happy hormones. Sipping on some tea containing rosemary may also assist with preventing free radical damage (the stressors that cause premature aging).


Spice up your life with some cardamon pods, and you might elevate your health at the same time! Antioxidant rich cardamon aids with digestion, especially if consumed after heavy meals. It is also said to be good for *ahem* toilet troubles and getting things moving through the intestine if you know what we mean! It’s also a heart friendly spice and could even help lower high blood pressure – love that!


Liquorice root has an unmistakable taste and is soothing if you have a sore throat. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties might also help with plaque build-up and other oral health. Just like cardamom pods, liquorice has a reputation for being able to relieve constipation which gives new meaning to the phrase ‘sweet relief’!


Studies have shown that sage may assist in improving cognitive function, such as problem solving and even memory when taken on an ongoing basis. It’s also full of immunity boosting nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and antioxidants. Some sources even claim sage tea can help reduce cholesterol levels which makes us love it’s addition in Brookfield Gentlemen Tea even more!


Cloves are another tick for mouth health – in fact, clove oil is a popular ingredient in many toothpastes thanks to its ability to fight mouth bacteria. The eugenol found in cloves acts as a natural antiseptic to relieve tooth pain. As an anti-inflammatory, cloves may also help with joint or muscle pain such as arthritis.


Sarsaparilla is a natural extract from a tropical plant native to rainforest areas such as South America and Mexico. It is considered a wonder ingredient at helping to heal skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis, but also has benefits that may improve health when consumed in tea. It’s liver friendly and can help maintain healthy function. It also has benefits that extend to inflammation and the potential to assist with combatting ‘bad’ bacteria and fungi in the body.


Apart from being a gorgeous (and edible) flower, dandelions have remedial qualities and are a subtle yet tasty inclusion in many teas. The roasted root has a slightly bitter taste and a rich source of Vitamins A, C, E and K, plus potassium and fibre. It helps reduce water retention – (bye, bye bloating!) and also is gut-friendly to minimise digestive discomfort.


To taste Brookfield Gentleman Tea for yourself and see if it’s your answer to helping provide a deeper more restful sleep, soothed muscles and improved digestion (not to mention great breath), click here to purchase online.


The information provided by Brookfield House is not presented with the intention of diagnosing, treat, cure or prevent any illnesses or disease or any medical condition or prescribing any treatment nor are they a remedy or do we guarantee any specific result.

Tea is a natural food and not a medicine, we are all individuals with different constitutions, sensitivities, allergic reactions, and possible health conditions.

We are providing information only for use in the maintenance and promotion of good health and highly recommend you consult your licensed medical practitioner (Doctor) if you have any health condition before using our teas.

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