Brookfield Ladies Health

Brookfield Ladies Health Herbal Tea

We know how hard it can be deciding on a tea with just one ‘hero’ ingredient, be that chamomile, or ginger or dandelion – so we’ve gone ahead and blended all our favourite ingredients together for a loose-leaf tea we think you’ll love.

The result is a perfect marriage of balanced floral sweeter notes and herbaceous flavours with a delightful aroma from the first sip till the last!

Why have we called it Brookfield Ladies Health? Well, each inclusion has been carefully selected and maybe helpful for women.

Ingredients – Nettle, chamomile, ginger, liquorice, raspberry leaf, rosemary, dandelion root


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Brookfield Ladies Health Herbal Tea

Why have we called it Brookfield Ladies Health? each inclusion has been carefully selected and maybe helpful for women – you can find more detail on each ingredient below:


The chamomile plant contains flavonoids – a type of nutrient that may help improve certain conditions. Studies have linked chamomile tea to reducing the severity of period pain (specifically those unwelcome cramps) in some individuals. It is also widely thoughts and may help promote relaxation and is a great option to drink an hour or two before bed to potentially aid a more deep and restful sleep.


Slightly sweet and slight tart, raspberry leaf is a delicious addition in Brookfield Ladies Health Tea. The leaves of the raspberry leaf are loaded with nutrients which can be carried over in tea form – hurrah! This source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants make it healthy choice that could also help slow or resist cell damage in your body. It’s also rich in iron and may help relieve PMS symptoms such as cramping and nausea. Note, there are reports that raspberry leaf may induce labour and if pregnant, we kindly ask you please consult with your medical professional first before drinking this tea!


Did you know Ancient Egyptians used nettle to help treat arthritis and lower back pain? This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties

Nettle contains essential nutrients, including Vitamins A, B, C and K, minerals and amino acids that can have positive antioxidant effects inside your body.


Some ginger fans are known to nibble this spicy root when they feel a common cold arriving as the high levels of Vitamin C and other minerals may help boost immunity against viruses. Ginger is also thought may be helpful for upset stomachs


This is a fragrant Mediterranean native herb (part of the mint family)


Have a sore throat? Liquorice is soothing and contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that might also help with plaque build-up and other oral health. Many organic and natural mouthwash products contain liquorice for this reason! Small doses, like those found in a cup of tea, could also help you get things moving in the toilet department, giving new meaning to the phrase ‘sweet relief’!


This gorgeous (and edible) flower also boats remedial qualities and is a rich source of Vitamins A, C, E and K, plus potassium and fibre.


If you’d like to treat your taste buds to a journey of subtle spices, sweet gentle florals and balanced, tasty ingredients that come with added benefits in a teacup, you can try Brookfield Ladies Health for yourself

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Made in Australia with Love

May contain traces of allergens, such as

peanuts, tree nuts, milk, sesame seeds, soy, gluten, and sulphites.

Keep airtight, in a cool, dry, dark location out of direct sunlight.


All information from Brookfield House should not be mistaken as medical advice. Although there are benefits to consuming tea, we do not guarantee any specific result. Tea is a natural food, not a medicine, and individual experiences and results from drinking it will vary.

Please conduct your own research and take your circumstances into account prior to consumption; including, but not limited to allergies, sensitivities, and health conditions. Please consult a qualified medical practitioner (Doctor) if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have an existing health concern/s before drinking our teas.


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