Gift Magnet Soul Sisters


This is a bespoke gift for whoever presence transforms one entirely. This is a must-have home and workplace accessory to organize bills and notes. The fancy ambience of this gift magnet will make the bills look less frightening.
Gift Magnet Soul Sisters features a fancy glass magnet collection and a leather twine that gives it a bohemian touch. Its leather loop lets it hang on walls or dangle over the mantelpiece. This novelty magnet will look great on any metal surface it is used on. It will spice up and give a full makeup for metal locker and whiteboard. With its state of the art illustration and bold inscription that says, “soul sisters,” for that particular person one truly shares a bond with. It’s an aura enhancer, making it an extraordinary centrepiece to enhance a cosy accent. Gift Magnet Soul Sisters brightens up the overall home appliances.

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