Jasmine Berry

Jasmine Berry

I’m berry nice indeed! My traditional green tea base is enhanced with fragrant, floral Jasmine and Elderflower, and elevated with a beautiful blend of natural fruit additions.

Ingredients – Green Tea, Jasmine Flower, Elderflower, Dried Blueberry, Natural Pomegranate, Natural Raspberry, Natural Strawberry


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Jasmine Berry

Drink me for:

  • Herbal goodness
  • All natural delicate fruit additions
  • A berry delicious tea treat!

I taste like:

A classic, traditional green tea base, enhanced with fragrant, floral jasmine and elderflower. Add a beautiful blend of natural fruit additions on top for a berry nice tea indeed!

More about Me:

Green tea has been researched and may assist with:

  • May help give your health and metabolism a little boost
  • May reduce inflammation and joint pain
  • May help with neutralising breath odour
  • May help increase natural energy after drinking

My other additions aren’t just delicious:

Jasmine flower and Elderflower and our fruity additions combined have high concentrations of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and may even help lower your cholesterol!

They may promote healthy skin, immunity (especially Elderflower, which has been shown to have anti-viral properties against cold and flu) and may help reduce stress and ease anxiety, bringing you a sense of calm.

I’m a great “anytime” tea; especially for moments when you want to escape for a moment and relax.

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Made in Australia with Love

May contain traces of allergens, such as

peanuts, tree nuts, milk, sesame seeds, soy, gluten, and sulphites.

Keep airtight, in a cool, dry, dark location out of direct sunlight.


All information from Brookfield House should not be mistaken as medical advice. Although there are benefits to consuming tea, we do not guarantee any specific result. Tea is a natural food, not a medicine, and individual experiences and results from drinking it will vary.

Please conduct your own research and take your circumstances into account prior to consumption; including, but not limited to allergies, sensitivities, and health conditions. Please consult a qualified medical practitioner (Doctor) if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have an existing health concern/s before drinking our teas.


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