Large Jug Leaf Vine


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 19x17x21H cm
This classic white ceramic jug spells class and elegance from its snout to the round base on which it sits down so very prettily. The smooth white finish of the handmade ceramic, the ribbed pattern on its sturdy body and the gorgeous curved handle lends it so much in terms of good looks that it would be difficult to deny its addition to nay table setting.

Give your table a completely new classical touch with a handmade ceramic jug that comes in a rather old style pattern that will be loved for its strong features as well as its delicate design. About 23 cm in height, its maximum span along the girth is 21 cm and it does have gorgeously designed shape and even prettier handle with a vine curled design on the handle which is rather easy to grip. The jug could be used for lemonade or iced tea or simply for water. Wherever placed it will instantly add the charisma of class and an antique feel. Made of quality ceramic that has been handmade, this piece comes with the promise of long lasting surface colour and completely safe material. The jug has a capacity to hold adequate volume of fluid and thus its usage is assured for everyday need at the dinner table. While not being used to serve water it could easily play the role of a pretty vase!

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