Brookfield House

Brookfield House stands proud and tall at the top of Hill Street in the heart of the majestic town of Camden on the outskirts of Sydney, having served many purposes for the local community since the first brick was laid by artisans on behalf of Captain Anthill of the Mounted Infantry in 1896. Thanks to the passion of her new owners the Webster family, Brookfield House has now been restored to one her former uses, as a Tea House and Store for the local community. With the aid of the internet, customers from all over the world can also enjoy the wonderful array of boutique tea and related products available for purchase on this website.

Inspiration and ideas for the creation of the modern-day Brookfield Tea House have come from many sources, including research trips to London and visiting other popular tea houses around Australia. The ladies discovered there are so many traditional and creative ways to enjoy “the tea” experience around the world, but one thing that never changes is the simple joy that tea can bring when shared amongst family and friends.

Natasha’s passion for tea and eagerness to expand her knowledge encouraged her to undertake further studies as a Master of Tea, and this knowledge has been used to select the finest range of teas available online or onsite at Brookfield Tea House and to help our customers to enjoy their own tea experience.

Both Natasha and Jacinda are creative ladies. Natasha has been a graphic designer all her adult life, whilst Jacinda has been an event manager and stylist for one of Sydney’s leading event management firms. Together their creative skills have been used to advantage to design the Brookfield range of teas and packaging, and of course to renovate and style this beautiful historic house.

The renovation of Brookfield House is well underway and will open to the local community in the coming months. Until then, customers are welcome to enjoy our online store. Whether you are purchasing for your own refreshment or to find a special gift for a loved family member or friend, thank you for supporting Brookfield Tea House.

The revival of Brookfield House started in 2019 when mother Natasha and daughter Jacinda discovered this beautiful house for sale. Having lived in and around the Macarthur area all their lives, the Webster family decided it was time to secure this property and return Brookfield House to her former glory.

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