Yellow Mu Dan Premium (rare)


Rare golden leaf tea – Hunnan province of China

This is a lovely smooth tea with a liquor which has hints of Apricots, honey and Almonds.
The aroma has a lovely nuttiness with floral, Apricot and biscuit.
One to try

Not many farms are making this tea as it is very time intense
This gorgeous tea goes through an extra process to green tea,

Sweltering or also known as “Seal Yellow” –
warm humid leaves are wrapped in cloth or heaped into a bamboo basket with a cloth covering them, this inducing a slight fermentation process. At intervals the tea is panned fried and re-wrapped to cool and oxidize slightly this is repeated several times for up to 3 days

Place 1 teaspoon of tea (2g) into a cup  – steep at 85 °C for 2 – 3 minutes
packed in a factory that handles tree nuts sulphates, gluten and milk



20g Bag, 50g Canister, 100g Bag

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