The Best Teas to Relieve a Sore Throat or Cough

Sore throats and coughs – those pesky temporary guests that no one actually invited to the party!

They are, however a classic sign and not-so-subtle sign from your body that you’re a little rundown and your immune system needs a boost.

The best thing you can do in this case apart from keeping warm and hydrated until it passes?

Seeking some relief to ease and relieve the symptoms of a cough or sore throat. One of the easiest ways to do that in our opinion is an antioxidant and vitamin enriched cup of tea.

Certain ingredients are proven to provide comfort against a cough or sore throat, and we’ve used some in our tea blends which may help – discover more below!


Lemon might seem sour, but it does have a sweet side when it comes to immunity! Full of Vitamin C, a cup of tea containing lemon can soothe your throat and may provide a break from your cough too!

Our tip? Add a little fresh honey into the mix. It has fantastic natural antibacterial properties that may boost the calming effects of your cuppa.

You may enjoy a cup of Brookfield Retro Lemon – it also has refreshing notes of liquorice and spearmint (more on those below)!

Native Finger Lime is a citrus ingredient that contains 3 x the Vitamin C concentration found in your average mandarin. We have included some in our refreshing tea, which has a pleasant, zesty tartness.


No, we’re not talking about your regular ole’ Licorice Allsorts – but instead Licorice root, which contains antiviral and antimicrobial properties that may help against the cause of sore throats.

Chamomile has been used in herbal medicine for hundreds of years given its healing, herbal properties.

Apart from having a calming effect which may lead to a more peaceful sleep, it’s also a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

As an antispasmodic ingredient it may also help reduce the intensity or frequency of coughing too!

For a lemon x chamomile mix, try Camden Relaxation Time.


Turmeric, aka the “Golden Goddess” is considered one of the most nutritionally complete spices.

It is part of the ginger family, and is packed full of wellness boosting antioxidants, and has a long history of being used to combat infections.

Turmeric contains the compound curcumin, which may have antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Cinnamon doesn’t just make a tasty addition to your cup of tea – it’s also one of the spices richest in antioxidants, which maybe extra helpful if you’re feeling a little under the weather.

Together these ingredients support good immune health and may provide relief from a sore throat or throat pain once it’s already arrived.

Want to give them a spin around your cup? Try our Golden Turmeric Chai tea. It’s full of other yummy spices too!


Research indicates Green tea is rich in natural polyphenol antioxidants which may help with reducing inflammation and improve your oral health (plus many other health benefits).

It’s also a digestive and metabolism aid, so is great sipped before or after a meal.

In many cultures including Japan, Green tea is gargled as an immunity boosting ritual that may help ward off sore throat symptoms, coughs and colds.

Our Australian Premium Green Tea is a “whole leaf tea” that has a perfectly balanced flavour and retains more natural antioxidant goodness than broken leaves or green tea bags.

If you prefer more of a Japanese style Green tea or savoury, vegetal flavour, why not give our Australian Sencha Green Tea a taste!


No surprises here! This power couple of ingredients dominate chewing gums, mouthwash and other oral care products – and for a good reason!

They may help aid digestion, fight plaque and are just great all-rounders for your health (especially oral health). It doesn’t hurt that they’ll freshen your breath and taste ah-mazing too!

The menthol vapour released from the warmth of a cuppa may also help in relieving tension headaches and congested sinuses – so give your next cup a deep whiff!

Our favourites: Organic Australian Peppermint Tea


The caffeine in black tea will not only give you an energy boost, but a possible health one too!

It’ll wake you up, warm you up, and the antioxidants, tannins and flavonoids found in various black tea blends may help provide some relief from sore throat pain.


Ginger contains high levels of Vitamin C and other minerals that may help boost immunity against viruses. It is also thought it maybe helpful for upset stomachs – especially acid reflux, digestion and unwelcome nausea.

Some ginger tea may be a natural energiser and warm, yet healthy hydrator. Hello Ginger is waiting for you.

Looking for an Australian loose leaf tea all-rounder you can drink daily, or whenever you want to feel a little extra wellness?

Our By The Fireplace also known as Brookfield Gentlemen are full of ingredients carefully selected for their potential health benefits. The flavours are a mix of spice, floral notes and herbaceous delights.

We hope this helps you, and that your next cold is short-lived (or missed entirely) – and may your cough or sore throat be soothed by the ingredients and/or teas above!

Find more here at Brookfield Tea House’s online shop!

Native Finger Lime

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All information from Brookfield House should not be mistaken as medical advice. Although there are benefits to consuming tea, we do not guarantee any specific result. Tea is a natural food, not a medicine, and individual experiences and results from drinking it will vary.

Please conduct your own research and take your circumstances into account prior to consumption; including, but not limited to allergies, sensitivities, and health conditions. Please consult a qualified medical practitioner (Doctor) if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have an existing health concern/s before drinking our teas.

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